SynderBio, Inc

  Enabling a Rapid and Accurate Cancer Diagnosis

Our advisers

SynderBio has a great team of advisers with a breadth of knowledge and experience in medicine and the medical device industry.

  1. Christine Horton
    Christine Horton
    Business Adviser
    Ms. Horton has more than 20 years of leadership in the medical device industry, including as the CEO of CoreSpine Technologies, an emerging spine company. Horton’s direct experience spans several key corporate areas, including fundraising, marketing, sales, clinical and regulatory. Ms. Horton currently works with Verde Technologies, a pharmaceutical technology company, as the Chief Commercial Officer. Since she began, the company has grown substantially, including triple digit growth of new customer acquisitions in 2015. Ms. Horton has received many professional honors, including being named a “Women to Watch in Business” by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and winning the prestigious Minnesota Cup and Tekne Award for innovation. Ms. Horton is a frequent guest lecturer in several leadership programs, including the Medical Device Industry Class at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.
  2. Aaron Bossler
    Aaron Bossler
    Medical Adviser
    Dr. Bossler has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the diagnosis of cancer, and the opportunities in next-generation sequencing and other emerging fields. His experience serving as the chair of the Economic Affairs Committee for the Associate of Molecular Pathologists has provided Dr. Bossler with a deep understanding of healthcare economics, reimbursement rates, and the evaluation of new diagnostic tests and laboratory-developed testing procedures for CLIA and FDA clearance and CMS reimbursements. SynderBio has incorporated Dr. Bossler’s feedback into its commercialization strategy and helped the company identify the cancer fields with the highest need for improved efficiency and better diagnostics, to aid pathologists and oncologists in identifying and treating cancer.
  3. Jordan Kaufmann
    Jordan Kaufmann
    Business Adviser
    Dr. Kaufmann is an entrepreneur and serves as CTO for Cardiovate, where she has directed the development of manufacturing, fabrication, in vitro testing, and pre-clinical studies.
  4. Michael Cohen
    Michael Cohen
    Medical Adviser
    Dr. Cohen is a medical director in the Anatomic Pathology and Oncology Division at ARUP, and a professor and vice chair for faculty and house staff development at the University of Utah School of Medicine.